Friday, March 16, 2012

It's Blinders, Not Blindness

These times may seem insurmountable.
They aren't.

This can seem like the end of the road...
It isn't.

Dreams can crumble,
old friends are disappearing,
hope is a rare commodity
(or perhaps even a distant memory.)

Survival...merely staying afloat...
can seem a strangely unattainable and
even undesirable notion.
("How will this ever work out?")

Ideas don't seem to manifest,
'nothing' seems to bear results,
opportunities seem to have ended.

But, this...this is NOT the end.

Your view is distorted by the experiences
you have endured. By the surroundings
you are 'stuck' in now.
Right now, no end is in sight.
The outcomes seem dark and unavoidable.
Everything seems lost.

But there is a tomorrow...there is possibility.
There are options and choices and chances
that, right now, you are not even capable
of imagining in your current
state of despair.

But even this...this struggle
and helpless sensation
and fear..
is giving you something you can use.

If only you can hang on, and believe,
and persevere.

And you can...
you can do it, even if you don't yet know it.

You are about to discover just how strong
and courageous you are...but it will take
being nearly destroyed for it to happen.

Push on.

This is a new life, a new chapter,
a new understanding.
Be open to the changes, without giving up.

Some day, you will find yourself,
as I have, with a new perspective
and an ability to transcend... that
gives you hope and appreciation
you cannot imagine...
from where you stand now.


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