Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Re-Adjustment Bureau

Because of comparisons and the materialistic, consumer-based,
competitive world we live in, many of us consider ourselves less
successful and less of a provider when we are unable to maintain
the same lifestyles we had before. But the physical objects and the
community standings are beyond insignificant in the scheme of things.

After you recuperate from the shock and the depression, lifting your-
self up and establishing your spirit, your character, your stamina, your
energy is what will make the difference in carving out a new life for

Never giving in to despair and defeat no matter how hard the fight
or how steep the climb. Continuing to embolden yourself and stay
optimistic, someone that you can be proud of. Remembering that
you have value intrinsic to your existence, and it has nothing to do
with income level or how others perceive you. 

Recalibrate to understand that.


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