Monday, November 12, 2012

Dire Consequences

Beyond the economic pressures of being unemployed,
there are a plethora of physical and emotional aspects
where we need to be concerned.

The emotional strain of being out of work is a result of many
factors, not the least of which is having lost a sense of purpose,
a daily routine, structure, and even one's sense of self and
sense of productivity.

The psychological strain of not having a dependable and
regular flow of income, as well as the loss of face from no
longer being able to proudly state your job.

All these components work off of one another to potentially
worsen our overall health if they aren't monitored, addressed,
and worked on.

Continued stress and lack of sleep can cause heart problems,
stroke, mental distress, diabetes, and other ongoing issues.
Pre-existing conditions are worsened. The body is opened up
to illnesses as the immune defenses are lessened.

Depression may cause us to be less concerned about taking care
of ourselves, as all we are seeing is the immediacy of the dark

So, in the midst of all that troubles us, the best thing we can do
is to take control of the few (yet significant) things we can, such as:
+ eating as well as possible... not stress-eating or over-eating

+ getting sufficent sleep, meditating, staying calm

+ keeping up personal hygiene with showers, brushing teeth, and
   keeping your living quarters neat and clean

+ exercising, stretching out, walking, sex, using a punching bag

+ taking all medications and being vigilant with preexisting conditions,
   seeing a doctor if something changes

+ finding stress outlets like physical exercise, yard work,
   artistic pursuits, counseling, talking with friends, and letting
   the frustration out in healthy ways

DON'T just accept your troubles as unavoidable or overwhelming.
There is a lot you can do to take control of and exert your personal
power to maintain and improve the quality of your life. Take the
time and exert the energy to do so!


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